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Title for Level 3 page

At Level 3, the children can pick Up the turtle’s pen so that they can move it without drawing a line. They press D to put the pen back down to draw again. Another command hides or shows the Turtle.

Now they can draw their names with the turtle!

Kinderlogo Level 3 name drawing: Taylor
Kinderlogo Level 3 name drawing: Drew
Kinderlogo Level 3 name drawing: Sophia

The other Level 3 activities help learners practice using the commands.

This activity is similar to the Level 1 Balloon game, except that the turtle is hidden. The children need to visualize how the turtle turns to get it to the balloon.
Kinderlogo Level 3 Target activity
In this two-player game, children take turns moving the turtle to a box to draw an X or an O. This gives them lots of practice using the penUp and penDown commands!
Kinderlogo Level 3 Tic-Tac-Toe activity
This is another two-player game. The children roll a virtual die and press F that many times to move toward the end of the row of boxes where their name is. The first player to reach their end wins.
Kinderlogo Level 3 Turns activity

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