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Title for Level 2 page

At Level 2, children new several new commands. They can move the turtle Backwards, turn it the Opposite way, and draw Circles and Squares with single letter.

They will be excited to combine these commands into intricate patterns. Below each picture is the pattern of keystrokes used to create it.

Kinderlogo Level 2 CR design


Kinderlogo Level 2 SR design


Kinderlogo Level 2 CSR design


Kinderlogo Level 2 SF design


Second graders have fun drawing vehicles using the Circle command.

Kinderlogo Level 2 car design

Kinderlogo Level 2 scooter design

Kinderlogo Level 2 towtruck design
tow truck

Kinderlogo Level 2 double decker bus design
double decker bus

The other Level 2 activities help learners practice using the commands.

In the maze, the turtle can only go backwards. They need to figure out how to turn it so that when it backs up, it will stay on the path. When we use Bee-Bot robots, sometimes I challenge them to use just the Back button on the little robot to get to their destination.
Kinderlogo Level 2 Backmaze activity
Letter Dots
Children play “connect-the-dots” with the turtle by moving it from number to number, in order. When they are done, they type the letter they made.
Kinderlogo Level 2 Letter Dots activity
Children try to “capture” a star using the square or circle command. This helps them better visualize how these shapes are drawn.
Kinderlogo Level 2 Starcage activity
In this activity, the children copy and extend patterns, then create their own, using letter commands to draw circles, squares, and triangles. They computer figures out if they made a pattern.
Kinderlogo Level 2 Beads activity


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