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Title for Level 1 page

Children start with KL1, where they can draw freely with the turtle. They use commands to move the turtle Forward, turn it to the Right, turn it to the Left, erase the last command, and erase the entire picture.

Teacher commands are available to save and load images, print the screen, and view a list of commands.

When children first start to draw with the turtle, their pictures are experimental. Just as they would scribble when first given a crayon, they try the commands to see what the turtle can do, drawing lines that wrap around the screen in all directions, as in the picture below.

Kinderlogo drawing

As the children become more adept at controlling the turtle, their pictures become more compact and representational. They will be able to tell you what they drew. (You may have to use your imagination!)

Here are some more Level 1 designs.

Kinderlogo drawing of a heart

by a Kindergartner

Kinderlogo image of a shirt

by a first grader

The rest of the Level 1 activities help learners practice using the commands.

Children move the turtle to a circle (the balloon) on the screen. When the turtle gets to the balloon, they hear a tune, and a new, smaller, balloon appears.
Kinderlogo Level 1 Balloon activity
Maze 1
This is an exploratory maze, where the children can try to get the turtle to go on every white path. The turtle can’t travel on the green grass. They learn how the turtle wraps around from one side of the screen to the other.
Kinderlogo Level 1 Maze 1 activity
Maze 2
In Maze 2, the children try to get from one end of the maze to the other, staying on the white path. This gives them practice making square corners.
Kinderlogo Level 1 Maze 2 activity
Maze 3
In Maze 3, the children try to get the turtle to the green circle. They have to “drive” the turtle very carefully, though. If they bump into a red line, they have to start over!
Kinderlogo Level 1 Maze 3 activity
Turtle Dance
Children love this activity with five colorful turtles that move and turn together. It gives them a chance to draw in color, before it is introduced at Level 4. They sometimes call it the Rainbow activity, or the Colorful activity.
Kinderlogo Level 1 Turtle Dance activity

After students have explored Level 1 and are drawing various shapes, letters, houses, and other realistic looking objects, they are ready to go on to Level 2.

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