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Title for Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Kinderlogo designed for?
Kinderlogo can be used effectively with students from PreK through Grade 3. It is also a great way to include special education students in your computer class, as they can also experience success with Kinderlogo.

Do students need to be able to read to use Kinderlogo?
No reading is required! Even the youngest students can use Kinderlogo if they can find letters on the keyboard. Putting colored dots on the letters allows students who don’t yet know their letters to locate them. We have used Kinderlogo with children as young as four years old with great success.

How long does it take to complete all the Kinderlogo activities?
Since most of the activities are open-ended, children can enjoy Kinderlogo for years. They will want to return to familiar activities again and again and create original drawings with the turtle. In my computer lab, at the end of each quarter of the school year, students could choose from any activity they had done so far. Invariably, there were students in class, sometimes as many as half the class, doing Kinderlogo activities.

Do I need to know the Logo computer language to teach my students Kinderlogo?
No, you don’t need to know anything about Logo or any other computer language. Even though Kinderlogo is written in Logo, the activities run independently of the language. However, if you do know Logo, you can look at the source code files for Kinderlogo activities (included on the CD) to see how they work, and even made changes, if you like.

Is it easy to save the students’ pictures?
Yes. Every activity has a quick keystroke command to save a picture. The picture is automatically saved to a Kinderlogo picture folder, named with the user name for the time and the date and time. Even with a computer lab of 30 computers, I can tell which child drew which picture, and when.

How does Kinderlogo connect with the Common Core Standards?
Kinderlogo can be used to address many of the K-2 standards in the Common Core Standards that have been adopted by 45 of the 50 states. Download a PDF that identifies the Common Core Standards for Mathematics for Grades K–3 that apply to Kinderlogo and activities and strategies for implementing them.

How can I convince my principal to purchase Kinderlogo for use in my school?
Have your principal look at this website. Here he or she will find evidence that students are engaging in mathematical discoveries by looking at the designs in the Picture Gallery, connections to the Common Core Standards, the booklet "52 Ideas for Kinderlogo" and an opportunity to ask the author questions.

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