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Kinderlogo author, Dorothy Fitch, started her career as an elementary music teacher. There she met Priscilla Flanagan, a first grade teacher. Together, in 1984, they designed Kinderlogo. Dorothy did the programming and Priscilla tested it with her students and offered insights and teaching tips.

In 2009, when Dorothy took a position running a computer lab for nearly 700 K-2 students, her first goal was to convince her principal to purchase Logo and Kinderlogo. Working nights, weekends, and vacations, she re-worked Kinderlogo to run with the newest versions of Logo from Terrapin. In 2011, Terrapin again published Kinderlogo. Never has an educational software program enjoyed such a long life of over 28 years!

During the decades between Kinderlogo releases, Dorothy continued to develop educational software and enjoyed a long history of working with the Logo computer language. She worked for Terrapin Software, editing countless Logo books, testing new releases of the Logo language, and authoring the book, 101 Ideas for Logo. She also served as editor of the International Logo Exchange, a journal for Logo-using educators.

After her time with Terrapin Software, she developed computer-based assessment activities for students with significant special needs.

By developing Kinderlogo, Dorothy has been able to make the learning power of Logo available to her young students. Their favorite activities are using Kinderlogo and Bee-Bot robots.

When not searching for new ways to engage her students, Dorothy serves as President of the Board of the Civic Orchestra of Tucson, in which she plays cello (and occasionally flute and piccolo). She and her husband also provide marketing services for Lotus Garden Restaurant, where he is the Wine and Spirits Manager.

You are welcome to contact Dorothy at

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