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Creative Math Activities for Young Learners (K-3)

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Kinderlogo drawing: squares

Kinderlogo drawing: house

Kinderlogo drawing: pencil

Kinderlogo drawing: star

Kinderlogo drawing: stick

What is Kinderlogo?

Kinderlogo is software that offers a fun and unique way for young learners to use the computer. By putting them in charge, Kinderlogo captivates and excites children far beyond typical K–3 computer activities.

At the heart of Kinderlogo, children explore freely, moving a "turtle" around the screen using letter commands. They experience a mathematical environment first-hand, making important discoveries that will stay with them.

Kinderlogo drawing

Kinderlogo is created using Logo, a unique programming language for education. Logo was developed at MIT in Cambridge, MA, in the 1970s as a way for students to explore mathematical concepts and problem-solving in a fun learning environment. The most famous feature of Logo is the turtle, a graphical icon that students move on the screen. They give the turtle commands such as FORWARD 50 and RIGHT 90.

Kinderlogo converts these commands that younger learners find difficult to type into single keystrokes. They press F to make the turtle go forward, R to make it turn to the right, and L to make it turn to the left. They soon want to know how to start a New picture. Within minutes, Kindergartners are exploring to see what the turtle can do and what happens when it reaches the edge of the screen.

They explore patterns and create original designs. Can the turtle draw a shape? Challenge first graders to draw perfect squares and triangles. What about circles and hexagons? Can second graders draw vehicles or their names? The possibilities are endless and their creativity will surprise and amaze you.

With letter commands introduced at 5 levels, Kinderlogo immerses young learners in a world of mathematics. They explore spatial relationships and experience concepts in a fun, hands-on way. Students become quickly and intensely engaged in moving the turtle. Kinderlogo activities allow students to practice these commands in many ways, from popping balloons, to navigating mazes, to connecting dots to form letters.

Designed to encompass years of use, Kinderlogo will become your child’s favorite computer activity!

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